Similimum Ultra- Homeopathic Software


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The Result


Increase in Book Sale


Increase in Social Meida Engagements


Increase in Lead Generation

The Brief

SIMILIMUM ULTRA is versatile software that provides diverse types of innovative digital tools and platforms useful for ANY homeopath following ANY METHOD in his day to day practice.

The main objective of the software is to help and support homeopaths in his / her day to day clinic life.


  • The software is user-friendly, flexible and fully packed with contents and tools which will help each and every homeopaths.
  • All kind of homeo medical students can use this software in their studies. This will help them to achieve more results in their academic career.
  • Similimum Ultra has succeeded in attracting innumerable local and foreign homeopaths, which has promoted homeo medical stream world widely.
  • Affordable Pricing



  • International Competitive Softwares
  • Declined Credibility about Homeopathy compared to other medical branches
  • To establish a strong & comprehensive online presence.
  • Lack of Digital Knowledge among customers
  • To create brand engagement for Similimum, the company’s digital portal.
  • To generate enquiries for affiliated Clients on the portal.
  • Un Structured user flow